Marty Schneider is a freelance graphic artist from Sydney Australia, with over 15 years experience in creating catchy cartoon illustrations with broad appeal for a diverse clientele including apparel, posters and band merchandise, storyboards, kids books and educational resources for authors and publishers.

Marty’s personal work is influenced by his affection for music, surfing, old cars and counts the underground comic, and lowbrow art pioneers of the 60’s & 70’s as his main inspiration for their hard working imaginations, gritty drawing styles and demented subject matter.

He works in traditional cartoon mediums of pencil, pen & paper but finishes most jobs in digital/ vector format for practical reasons. Some of his clients include Billabong, Mambo, Street Machine, Piping Hot, Waves & Mad Magazine. Justice Health & Pearson Ed.

The work page contains a small selection of some of the more fun commercial projects from the last few years. There’s more up to date, personal work & process sketches on facebook and instagram. Prints can be arrange of most of finished pieces or if you need some drawings done, get in touch via the contact page. Thanks for looking.


1. Loose sketch in blue ColourErase pencil (they don’t smudge as much as graphite/ lead pencils) Sometimes do a few of these to get the juices flowing and try to work out what we’re doing. I send these through as a loose concept to the client.

2.  Once we’re cool with the concept I’ll draw a bigger version, working over an enlarged print out of the first sketch, adding in any other ideas or elements. Depending on the amount of detail, this process can be repeated, reworking larger copies as I go.

3. I’ll go over it with a 2B pencil getting it reasonably tight before the inking part. I’ll sometimes send this through to the client as a final draft for approval.

4. I’ll put the lead pencil drawing on the lightbox, tape a fresh piece of paper on top and draw it again in ink. I usually just use markers, or brush and ink.

5. Once it’s inked, I scan it it and clean up any mistakes in Photoshop

6. I trace and colour the scanned image in Adobe Illustrator. I send the file to the printer/ client and it’s done.

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